The St. Petersburg Florida branch of Creative Mornings is a thriving community of artists, designers, musicians, and craftsmen of many trades. I've affectionately described their monthly gatherings as "church for creatives" and for good reason. Communing with your peers is the best way to professionally feel like you're not alone in your everyday endeavors. Whether someone is seeking perspective on a recent project or seeking a collaborator, it's so easy to feel energized after Creative Mornings- and it isn't just the killer coffee!


While the community didn't need any help reaching out to potential new members, CM head honcho Tara Segall came to me to create some new icons and illustrations for merch. The idea to create a set of tiny mug illustrations to replicate the group's iconic collection was a no-brainer. The main illustration we deemed the "Triptych" is a slightly more subtle nod to my comment about Creative Mornings being akin to a monthly church service. Blessed are those who wake up early for sermon!