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The story of the Starry Night Wolf begins some time in January or February of 2015 when I committed a horrible, unforgiveable act.. I lost my best friend's Spirithood. I broke her heart and I felt like the farthest thing from a friend. I vowed to find the hood or make it up to her to the best of my ability. I ordered her a new hood, and began making my own customizations. I had played around with embroidering my own hood, but for her hood I went above & beyond; I learned new techniques and ways to preserve the integrity of the hood.

A part of the hood that I was working on demanded little in-line dashes. They were pretty bright colors and next to one another in a circular pattern, I couldn't help but be reminded of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I had so much fun working on her hood that I wanted to sink my teeth into another one, but this time I wanted to do the entire arms. I settled on The Starry Night because I felt it would translate well in my style of embroidery and would work well against the black of a base hood. When I started, I was tempted to do the entire thing free hand (which I did for the sky), but I worried it would take too much away from the star (heh) of the show: the night sky. I also incorporated elements of geometric pattern to pay homage to some of the earlier Spirithoods Collector hoods, of whichI've always
been a really big fan.



One of the earliest Spirithoods custom "tattoos" that I conceived was a white wolf for San of Miyazaki's famous movie "Princess Mononoke." The movie's main protagonist wears a white fluffy hood with a carved wooden mask attached to it. The potential for the hood to serve as a template for a spirithood tattoo was an obvious choice. The decision to add elements of green and yellow into the hood derived from wolf god found in the cult classic video game "Okami."
It's bold artistic style perfectly complemented the preexisting theme and style. The result is the currently still in progress"Mononoke Okami Spirithoods Custom."