Entry 06 / Make it Move

September 24, 2017

If you've ever met me, you undoubtedly know that electronic music is almost the only genre of music that I listen to. So much so that I'm even teased about it, and rightfully so.***


"Are you like.. having a rave in your headphones right now, LUL???"

- Yes. Yes I am. And having a wonderful time too, thank you very much!


If you've never been to a rave, you absolutely should. They're an absurdly awesome mix of vibrant, positive people. Electronic music in general is kind of hard to fully understand until it fully envelopes your body. I know that sounds like such weak statement, but once it gets in your bones it just moves you! Candice and I have talked about it many times and we agree that it must be some type of primal satisfaction that we get out of a simple, pumping bass line.


Aside from the trance-inducing music, the visual aspect of these large-scale festivals have become ever more prevalent. Many fundamentalists will stand by the fact that their culture is derived from the quality of the music, and I would agree, but it's impossible to neglect the ever-improving cinematic experience that a musical artist must also bring to the table. With my recent introduction to video-editting software and having been to my fair share of music festivals (and many more to come) I've begun to formulate my own opinions and solutions to issues regarding poor visual experiences from some of these performing artists.


ODESZA is a music duo that's been close to my heart for a really long time. If you're on this page, there's no doubt you've seen the short typographic music video that I made for them awhile ago. My friend Natalie convinced my best friend Dan and I to go to one of their shows together at a tiny bar called Will's Pub a couple years ago and they absolutely blew the door clean off the hinges of what I thought a live electronic music performance could be. Luckily, I had the foresight to take a video of the moment that they took the stage:




Ever since I learned Adobe After Effects and made my typographic music video for the ODESZA track "All We Need feat. Shy Girls," I knew this was something that I wanted to do more of. Unfortunately it takes a powerhouse of a computer to run efficiently and I still have so much more to learn, but it exposed to me what technology can do in even a live setting. The live nature of their music coupled with live editing of the footage that they use on their projected visuals has been a huge inspiration to me. While I've seen that reel of pyramids before, the trippy footage separation and glitches are unique to that show. Although I think it could exist already, one day I would like to pursue an individual thesis that seeks to create an application that offers the ability to sync graphics with music and alter them within customized parameters. Like I said, it probably already exists, but this is something that I will likely research and perfect down the road :)


Shameless replug of the video you've obviously already seen if you're reading my blog- So many things I was thinking about for that application that I would have liked to see attached to this music video. Alas.. maybe one day!




Also their new album, A Moment Apart is out and it is absolutely marvelous. Go give it a listen. NOW.

Thank me later.



***On a side note, it frustrates me that people think that I don't like other music or that electronic music is all there is to the equation. I enjoy a pretty wide swath of music within the genre: synth-wave, ambient, funk, and disco to name a few, so I don't ever feel like I need to listen to anything else to get a taste of something else. In a perfect world I would love EVERY single genre just as much, but that's just not who I am, and I'm not going to apologize for my taste in music anymore! Thank you very much, have a good day.

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