Multi Image Group is a seasoned powerhouse in the event production industry. Their capabilities range from small gatherings to stadium-packing celebrations. However, their branding wasn't as scalable and needed an overhaul.


With over 40 years of experience in the industry, MIG has compiled a truly impressive list of clients, including Volvo, Mastercard, Nissan, and Chanel.

Revitalizing the MIG brand meant elevating the company's look and feel for the modern era without giving long-standing clients the impression that MIG's attitude or objectives had shifted.


The new MIG brand utilizes a comprehensive system of gradients and patterns to accommodate the wide variety of clients and work that the company is capable of. Each department of MIG uses a specific pattern and every client is assigned a specific gradient for use in their correspondence. MIG's color is called "Blueberry"!


The angle that cuts across compositions gives the brand the ability to bend and conform to spaces in new and unique ways. It gives otherwise 2-dimensional collateral, new elements of depth and perspective.


The spread of the Coronavirus meant the industry of live events came to a veritable screeching halt. With no time to spare, Tyler Lukey and I designed and developed an online platform in which clients could still host their conferences, saving them millions of dollars in business.

This project would not have been possible without the help and support of my amazing MIG team, especially Vanessa, Angel, Jeff, Tyler, Marvin, Kirstie, and Dennis. You guys are the best!