Brand an established wedding photographer without relying on the industry standard identity systems.


When Kelly first approached me, I considered myself pretty familiar with the needs of wedding photographers. "Clean, elegant, and luxurious" is the familiar, albeit understandable, ask for someone who's task is documenting what many consider the most important day of their lives. But what Kelly wanted was "bold, cozy, and unexpected." That was a first!

When we cracked open the case, it was immediately clear to me what she meant. Her warm photographic style is absolutely inundating. You immediately feel a sense of connection with her subjects and their personalities. What I found most impressive was the fact that even her black and white images transcended the usual severity of the genre. This really was a call for something different.

In hindsight, the first concepts that received attention were zealously far from the end result. But just as the piles of logo experiments were threatening to drown the studio, we finally arrived at a wordmark that retained all of the luscious flavor we originally sought without sacrificing any of the professionalism. The pièce de résistance is the 'y+a' ligature which "marries" Kelly's name together. It serves as a visual reminder to those sweet and unexpected moments which she so consistently captures.