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Bayboro Food Forest



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The Bayboro Food Forest is a small garden located adjacent to University of South Florida St. Petersburg run by the university's gardening club. The little plot of land serves as home to a diverse ecosystem of foliage that can be eaten or even used medicinally. However, with over 40 different plants tucking and weaving in and around each other, the space was beginning to get cluttered. In order to start straightening things out, the club contacted our cohort to create some informational signage. We worked closely with students and faculty to create a cohesive system of illustrations and graphics built to last.

Co-created with Gabriela Mena & Iris Liang

When the the Garden Club told us they were hosting an event to bring campus awareness to the club and the space, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to introduce a little student involvement to our process. The patterns the students created by pressing  inked plants onto paper were used to create the background of the final signage.


In addition to the main plaques to inform visitors about the functionality of the garden, 42 individual plant illustrations were created to be placed throughout the food forest. The final labels feature a system to instruct which part of the plants are edible and medicinal.